We are F.A.M.I.L.Y!
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Logistics solutions from a single source - we transform your challenges into real market opportunities
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy sources are the future. We support you!
Hi-Tech Logistics
We offer a holistic view of the extended supply chain for your hi-tech goods
Fashion Logistics
Targeted and certified processes, integrated IT tools and value-added services from production to point of sale
Agricultural Logistics
Whether project, procurement or distribution logistics - Agricultural Logistics offers solutions for the agricultural machinery market.
Chemical Logistics
For hazardous goods transports, we rely on our expertise and our global network of qualified carriers
Cruise Logistics
The requirements of cruise fleets are our stimulus - supply-chain solutions from source to ship
Automotive Logistics
Logistics for the automotive industry is complex, time-critical and global - our experts provide adequate solutions.
Marine Solutions
The shipping industry requires a great degree of logistics precision. We can create a tailor-made product just for your needs
Perishable Logistics
Whether flowers or food - from their origin to the destination, we stand by your side!
Project Cargo
Project logistics thanks to systematic organization and innovative solutions
Healthcare Logistics
Essential goods are subject to special handling and strict guidelines - Hellmann Healthcare Logistics is your partner
Responsibility for the future
Games and fun with our wild geese Emma and Gus
Mission Statement
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We Care

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Who we are and what we do - a short film says more than a thousand words could.
Success is a path along many milestones. Our path in the United States. 
At a glance
At a glance – facts about Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in the United States.
Sea - Air
Sea-Air combines the transport speed of airfreight with the cost efficiency of sea freight.
Logistics since 1871 - Take a look yourself!
Air Freight
Quick airplane transports to all economic centers of the world - Hellmann Air Freight.
Fast, reliable, cost-effective - Road transport offers the perfect combination.
Sea Freight
No shipment is too large or too heavy for Hellmann Sea Freight.
Corporate Responsibility
Our company represents partnership and trust that identify us as a reliable partner all over the globe.
Global Learning & Development
Supporting and developing our employees around the world: Hellmann Global Learning & Development
The success of our business is based on the diversity of thousands of employees.
Contract Logistics
Contract Logistics offers comprehensive logistics solutions for manufacturers, importers and trading companies.
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Hellmann Worldwidee Logistics - Who we are...
Customs Clearance
Hellmann will get your shipment through customs without any unnecessary hassle or expense.
We offer professional solutions for all areas of electronic commerce.
Corporate DNA
We are F.A.M.I.L.Y
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